Shengte smart customized home is officially launch

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Shengte smart customized home was officially launched

has been imitated and never surpassed. This sentence is perfect for Sheng te. Ten years ago, it was they who first entered this field in Chengdu and became the first enterprise to eat crabs. Since then, everyone has followed up, and the industry has expanded sharply. However, the design, quotation, material calculation, wrong delivery, missing goods and so on are complex and easy to make mistakes, and the agent has many difficulties in operation. They are also the first to develop shengte customized software in the industry, which can design three-dimensional renderings in 10 seconds, calculate accurate quotations, and automatically generate production process sheets and material lists at the same time. It greatly reduces the operation difficulty of agents, improves the signing volume of agents, reduces the error rate and shortens the delivery time

it is reported that since the launch of this software, an endless stream of merchants have come to cooperate with shengte. In 2011 alone, more than 40 agents came to understand the cooperation. Once businesses use this software, the number of signed orders will generally increase by three times on the original basis

innovation is the source of enterprise development and the foundation for an enterprise to remain invincible. Shengte will never be satisfied with what it has achieved. What shengte sees will always be what is not available in the market and will always be ahead of others. In 2012, shengte made two more innovations, and the launch of these two innovations is enough to widen the gap between its peers and shengte

connect with tablet computers to improve competitiveness

the market demand is changing, and the development of shengte will never end. In order to enhance the competitiveness of shengte in the market and reduce the difficulty of agents signing orders, shengte pioneered a 10 inch professional surveying and mapping design tablet computer in China in 2012, which is equipped with shengte professional design software, measuring hand-painted sketch software, and can also take photos to record special situations on site, CAD drawing software and a full set of shengte training materials, product pictures, videos, successful cases, etc. It is convenient for on-site measurement and design to communicate with customers, improve efficiency, increase the number of orders, and display the brand image at the same time. When many peers are trying hard to persuade customers with words, shengte uses the most advanced tools, with pictures and texts, and high efficiency. You can tell at a glance which is better or worse

smart home differentiation competition

there are more and more brands of customized furniture, but the homogenization is serious. The products are basically those kinds, and the number is also clear. Everyone has no characteristics, and there are many fake versions. The agent is very difficult to do. If I own a product and none of the others have it, is it easier to sell it. Indeed, it is a good thing for businesses to have an exclusive product. Most businesses just think, but shengte makes this kind of thinking a reality. Since May this year, shengte will take the lead in launching smart furniture series products in the market. Including remote control lifting TV wall cabinet, remote control lifting meter, high-end induction automatic sliding door, induction washing mirror TV, air conditioning in the cabinet, etc. These are unique in the domestic customized furniture industry, which will greatly increase the competitive advantage of agents. Although these products will be piloted in several key regions in May, almost all agents want to introduce them in advance, and there is an endless stream of consultants. We all feel the development strength of shengte

Where is the road to the customized wardrobe Market? You will know more about shengte. We will look forward to the next step of shengte




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