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personal housing provident fund loan is a policy low interest housing loan provided by the state for employees. It refers to the housing loan with the housing provident fund as the source of funds applied to the housing provident fund management center by the borrower who pays the housing provident fund in full and on time when purchasing, constructing and overhauling the self occupied housing, using the purchased (constructed) housing or other property with ownership as collateral or pledge, or by a third party to provide guarantee for his loan and bear the joint liability for repayment of principal and interest

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1. The lender must have a permanent residence or valid residence status in the city

2. Push forward from the date of application, and continuously pay the housing provident fund in full for more than 12 months (only one person is allowed to loan if both husband and wife pay the provident fund)

3. There are contracts (agreements) and relevant materials in line with the legal provisions for the purchase, construction and overhaul of self occupied housing

4. A certain proportion of self raised funds. For the purchase of commercial houses and affordable houses, the self raised funds shall not be less than 20% of the total house price (for the purchase of second-hand houses or houses built or overhauled, the self raised funds shall not be less than 30% of the total house price)

5. Have stable economic income and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan (monthly income certificate issued by the unit)

6. Agree to use the purchased housing or self owned housing with full property rights or the housing of a third party as collateral, or pledge with securities and bank certificates of deposit recognized by the lending bank, or provide guarantee by legal persons, organizations or third parties recognized by the lending bank

editing of application methods

when applying for a loan, the borrower should prepare the following materials:

1. Identity certificates of the borrower and his spouse (ID card, household register, marriage certificate or divorce certificate, court judgment, ruling, unmarried or divorced certificate of no remarriage issued by the unit, etc.)

2. Stable economic income proof materials (unit wage income proof, etc.)

3. Proof of housing provident fund payment

4. The purchase contract and agreement signed with the house selling unit (the approval documents of the land and planning departments are required for self built houses)

5. Loan application approval form completed jointly by myself and my spouse

6. There should be a receipt of the house price (down payment) that is not less than 20% of the total house price (a self raised fund certificate that is not less than 30% of the total house price is required for the purchase of private houses and the construction and overhaul of self occupied houses)

7. The list of pledge rights and ownership certificates issued by the borrower (or the written commitment issued by the guarantor to agree to provide security)

term, interest rate and limit of housing provident fund loan

the term of personal housing provident fund loan is 1 to 20 years. However, in principle, it shall not exceed the number of years from the date of loan issuance to the national legal retirement age (male 60, female 55)

the calculation formula is: Loan life ≤ The legal retirement age of the borrower — The borrower's current age (one year old)

the interest rate of personal housing provident fund loan is subject to the preferential interest rate stipulated by the state, which is 1 percentage point lower than the bank mortgage loan interest rate on average. Among them, 1— The interest rate of the five-year loan is: the monthly interest rate is 3.0‰, The annual interest rate is 3.6%; The loan interest rate for more than 5 years is: the monthly interest rate is 3.375‰, The annual interest rate is 4.05%. In case of statutory interest rate adjustment, the corresponding interest rate level will be implemented at the beginning of next year

the maximum limit of individual housing provident fund loans generally does not exceed 200000 yuan. Those exceeding 200000 yuan shall be approved by the central loan review committee. Generally, the loan amount is determined by the proportion that the borrower's monthly repayment amount does not exceed 50% of his family income (but if the repayment ability is strong, the conditions can be appropriately relaxed)

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