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Recently, there have been continuous scandals in the paint industry. After foreign brands Nippon and Dulux were exposed to fake sales and quality problems in specialty stores respectively, domestic brands garberry and Bauhinia were also exposed to product quality problems, and Laoren paint recalled 100000 barrels of latex paint

◆ duluxpro and other brands fell into the quality gate

in February this year, Nippon Paint was exposed to use Nippon authentic paint barrels, which were filled with fake paint prepared by small workshops. It is reported that Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai and other places have produced and sold fake Nippon coatings. Fake and shoddy products are not the first time in Nippon stores

later, Wu Jialun, public relations and brand communication director of Nippon China, said that this was the behavior of dealers, and the exclusive stores were not directly operated by Nippon. However, this statement has not been recognized by the industry. Some insiders believe that as an independent legal person, franchised stores should bear the responsibility of selling fake goods, but Nippon also has the responsibility of lack of supervision

on March 14, the special monitoring and spot check results released by the Inner Mongolia Administration for Industry and Commerce pushed another foreign paint brand Dulux onto the quality scandal list

according to the random inspection results, a Jieyi white latex paint produced by AkzoNobel Swire paint Co., Ltd., with a specification and model of 16l/barrel and a production date of June 20, 2011, was judged to be unqualified because its washability did not meet the standard. It is understood that the washability mainly reflects the adhesion of the coating to the substrate and the ability to resist washing. It is an important indicator to measure the quality of the coating. The more washing and brushing times, the more base materials contained in the coating, the better the physical properties of the coating. On the contrary, if there is too little, the coating film is easy to be damaged and the protective and decorative properties of the coating are lost

in addition, the paints and coatings of many well-known brands such as domestic garberry and Bauhinia were found to be unqualified products

he Bingfu, President of Guangdong coating Association, believes that famous brands will bear great risks in making and selling fake products, so many brand enterprises will strictly control the quality, but there are some human management deficiencies that will lead to defective products, such as the management and picking of raw materials, the stacking of raw material varieties, the moisture regain of raw materials, the accuracy of material weighing, process formula, the omission of some raw materials or additives, etc. are all factors that affect the coating quality. It believes that this is the main reason for the quality problems of well-known brands

◆ Shanzhai coatings are rampant

insiders pointed out that the entry threshold standard of the coating industry is low, the market is lack of supervision, and Shanzhai coatings are rampant, causing countless consumers to suffer from coating quality hazards. Fake paint brands and fake products packed in cans of well-known brands are flooding the major building materials markets. There are well-known brand stores selling fake and inferior products. According to media reports, a small workshop in Lanzhou has stored more than 150 packaging barrels of various brands, including paint barrels of Nippon, Litong, cherry blossom and other major brands

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