Smart maintenance of disinfection cabinet

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Smart maintenance of disinfection cabinet disinfection cabinet refers to a tool that disinfects, insulates and dehumidifies tableware, tableware, towels, clothes, beauty salons, medical instruments and other items through ultraviolet, far infrared, high temperature, ozone and other means The tableware should be washed and drained before being put into the disinfection cupboard for disinfection, which can shorten the disinfection time and reduce the power consumption

2. Tableware that is not resistant to high temperature, such as plastic, cannot be placed in the high-temperature disinfection cabinet on the lower layer, but should be placed in the low-temperature disinfection cabinet disinfected by ozone on the upper layer to avoid damaging tableware

3. Colored porcelain utensils placed in the disinfection cabinet will release harmful substances and endanger human health. Because ceramic bowls, plates, jars, pots and bowls contain toxic heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in their enamel and pigments when glazing. Usually, these substances are relatively stable, but they are easy to overflow in case of high temperature. Under the working condition, the internal temperature of the disinfection cabinet can be as high as 200 ℃. Often placing food in these disinfected colored porcelain will pollute the food and endanger health

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4 Bowls, dishes, cups and other tableware should be placed vertically on the shelf, preferably not stacked, so as to ventilate and disinfect as soon as possible

5. When using the ozone disinfection cabinet, pay attention to whether the ozone generator works normally. If you can't hear the squeak of high-voltage discharge or see the blue light of discharge, it means that the ozone generator may have faults and should be repaired in time

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6 The disinfection cabinet should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not less than 30 cm away from the wall

7. Do not open the door unless necessary during disinfection, so as not to affect the effect

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8 After disinfection, if it is taken after ten minutes, the effect will be better. When opening the cabinet door, there is a small amount of ozone smell overflow. This concentration is not harmful to human health. Please rest assured

9. Regularly pour out the water in the water collecting box at the lower end of the cabinet and wipe it clean





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