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Sometimes, in order to expand the use area or pursue good decorative effects, the decoration company needs to connect the balcony with the room. But there is a wall between the bedroom and the balcony, and the part under the window must not be moved. In the building, this low wall is called "counterweight wall", which plays a role in supporting the balcony. If this wall is removed, it will seriously affect the safety of the balcony, and even cause the collapse of the balcony. Therefore, you can remove the doors and windows between the bedroom and the balcony in the decoration, but the "counterweight wall" must not be moved

quality determines everything

no matter what you do with the balcony, the packaging quality of the balcony will determine everything. If the aluminum alloy windows on the balcony are compared with the same doors and windows on the wall, it is obvious that the quality requirements of the former are much higher than the latter. Because the balcony is in the air on three sides, several sides will be blown by the wind, and its stress is much greater than that of ordinary windows. In addition, many balconies are designed without considering the future packaging of balconies, and there is no place for window sashes to "rest" on the top of balconies and guardrails. Therefore, poor installation is easy to cause accidents

if the balcony is not well sealed, there will be air leakage in cold winter, which will reduce the indoor temperature; If there is a strong wind, it will bring a lot of dust indoors; The most annoying thing is that when it rains, the poorly sealed window sash will leak and wet the things on the balcony. Therefore, the quality of balcony packaging project is very important, which will be related to your future use

pay attention to heat insulation when decorating the balcony

pay attention to heat insulation when decorating the balcony. Basically, its heat insulation is not considered when building, because there is a balcony door and window inside the balcony that can play the role of heat insulation. However, now many residents who have transformed the balcony have removed the doors and windows in consideration of the impact of the balcony doors and windows on the whole room. Consider a good measure for the insulation of the balcony. You can consider using polystyrene board to make the insulation layer below the balcony window, or you can consider using rock wool to make the insulation layer below the balcony window, and using materials with good thermal insulation effect to form the insulation layer of the balcony wall, so as to isolate the exchange of indoor and outdoor cold and hot air




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