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The domestic styrene market demand is sluggish, and the price of styrene is falling after consolidation.

styrene has been mostly negative recently, so it is generally in a downward trend after consolidation. 2. The quality of machine training is poor. This paper will analyze and summarize the styrene market trend last week and predict the market trend this week

trend analysis of last week

generally speaking, the price status in different places of styrene market last week was also different. Prices in East China, South China and North China rose steadily, with price differences among regions

16, Qilu and Qingdao under Sinopec North China branch implemented 7600 yuan/ton, Yuhuang sold 7650 yuan/ton and Yanshan sold 7500 yuan/ton. The new styrene price of PetroChina northeast in Jinzhou, Fushun and Daqing is 7500 yuan/ton. Guangzhou market has heard of the intention to offer 8000 yuan/ton for self delivery. Huabei hears the current offer intention of 7800 yuan/ton or higher

17, the negotiation range is between 7900 yuan/ton. Qilu and Qingdao of Sinopec Huabei component Co., Ltd. produced by this method are 7600 yuan/ton, Yuhuang is 7650 yuan/ton and Yanshan is 7500 yuan/ton. The new styrene price of PetroChina northeast in Jinzhou, Fushun and Daqing is 7500 yuan/ton. The quotation of SINOPEC Guangzhou Branch for styrene is 7900 yuan/ton. The quotation of Shandong Yuhuang chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. for styrene is 7650 yuan/ton

On the 18th, Tianjin Dagu implemented a new price of 7900 yuan/ton for core users. The styrene commodity index was 67.82, down 43.54% from the highest point in the cycle (120.11 points), and up 20.55% from the lowest point (56.26 points) on December 18, 2014

19, Huabei heard that the current selling intention was 7900 yuan/ton or a little higher. The selling intention in East China is 7950 yuan/ton or slightly lower, and the buying intention is 7800 yuan/ton. We all follow the third grade

20 on the weekend, the negotiated price in East China was about 7900 yuan/ton, the price in South China was about 7900 yuan/ton, and the price in North China was about 7900 yuan/ton

summary: last week, the styrene market was generally stable, and some of them rose slightly. At the beginning of the week, the price range was yuan/ton, and at the end of the week, the price range was yuan/ton. There was a price difference in various regions. The recent off-season for styrene is mainly stalemate operation. Part of the slight increase is mainly due to the impact of the strong outer disk of pure benzene and the slight increase due to unit maintenance, but the terminal demand is still poor

dynamics at the beginning of the week

at the beginning of the week, Sinopec North China styrene price was lowered, its Qilu and Qingdao were lowered by 200 yuan/ton, 7600 yuan/ton was implemented, Yuhuang was lowered by 250 yuan/ton, 7600 yuan/ton was sold, Yanshan was lowered by 300 yuan/ton, 7400 yuan/ton was sold. The South China Guangzhou market heard that there was an intention to offer a price of 8100 yuan/ton, and the new price of styrene such as Jinzhou, Fushun and Daqing under PetroChina northeast was 7600 yuan/ton

due to the continuous low level of crude oil, there is no doubt that styrene has been lowered. With the promulgation of the national fuel consumption limit regulations and further upgrading and tightening, the styrene market showed signs of reduction at the beginning of the week, mostly due to the impact of crude oil and the downturn of downstream terminal demand

this week's trend forecast

crude oil remains at a low level. At present, it seems that there is no sign of rebound. The styrene market is in the off-season, the demand is not boosted, and the market price is falling. In a word, the styrene market is facing various negative conditions recently, crude oil is lack of support, and the demand is still unable to support. Therefore, it is expected that styrene will generally operate smoothly this week, with narrow fluctuations. Insiders predict that its upper and lower range is about 200 yuan/ton

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