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Domestic steel price increase narrowed and the imported iron ore market fluctuated in a narrow range

due to the cautious market mentality, it was difficult to effectively increase the terminal demand, and the domestic spot steel price rise was restrained and the increase narrowed. The imported iron ore market is in a narrow fluctuation range

according to the latest market report provided by "my steel", the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 134.48 points in the recent week, up 0. 5% in the previous week We will accelerate the opening up and development of the raw material industry by 72 percent. Recently, the black futures market fluctuated widely, the billet price fell slightly, the steel market mentality was cautious, the spot steel price rose first and then declined, and the increase narrowed. After the plum rain season in the south, high temperature weather prevailed all over the country, which affected the release of terminal demand for steel, and the turnover of steel market shrank. However, the overall low market inventory still supports the price

according to analysis, in the construction steel market, the price of color band replacement increased slightly. Ton prices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan and other places rose by 10 to 80 yuan a week; The prices in Nanchang, Nanning and other markets fell slightly. It can be seen from the situation in Shanghai and other places that prices continued to rebound at the beginning of the week, but as prices rose, demand fell, and prices fell back after the weak rise

the iron ore market fluctuated in a narrow range. According to the latest report of "Xiben Shinkansen", in the domestic ore market, the price of iron concentrate powder in Hebei increased slightly, and the ton price increased by 10 yuan to 20 yuan a week. We hope that China can keep up with the trend, and the market transaction is relatively good. The price of imported ore rose first and then fell. In the recent week, it remained within a narrow range of US $63 to US $65 per ton. Recently, the arrival of imported ore at domestic ports has decreased, and the port inventory has decreased significantly for two consecutive weeks, but it is still at a high level of more than 140million tons

according to the analysis of relevant institutions, the daily average output of crude steel of domestic key steel enterprises continued to rise in the first and middle of June, and the market supply showed an upward trend. In terms of demand, East China has ushered in high-temperature and hot weather after Meiyu, and the overall demand of the steel market is difficult to significantly exceed expectations. In the short term, it is expected that the aircraft will withdraw from the hangar at the end of one day, and the domestic steel price will turn into a weak operating state again

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