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The domestic styrene market shows a rising trend

manufacturer dynamics: Daqing Petrochemical, for example, has no commodity volume of styrene in small cities; Jihua has more than 4000 employees with a quotation of RMB yuan/ton, and the sales situation is poor. The downstream ABS quotation is RMB yuan/ton, and the shipment is not smooth; In Liaoning Huajin company, styrene is fully put into downstream production without commodity volume. ABS offers 7900 yuan/ton and PS offers 7300 yuan/ton. The sales are average; Dalian Petrochemical Company, the quotation is 5400 yuan/ton, and the shipment is acceptable; Qilu Petrochemical, offer 5400 yuan/ton; Maoming Petrochemical, with a quotation of 4900 yuan/ton, has a small commodity volume; Guangzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has no goods left the factory

recently, the downstream PS and ABS market prices in South China have shown an upward trend driven by the upstream market. According to the current market situation, some manufacturers plan to increase styrene output and ex factory quotation, but it is still in a wait-and-see situation, waiting for the market to further improve

at the beginning of this week, China's domestic demand gradually recovered. By May 13, the price in East China market had reached 5300 yuan/ton, while that in South China market had reached 5400 yuan/ton, an increase of about 200 yuan compared with the previous day. With the help of the market, we can really see whether our machines, including manufacturers and teams, are true. It is said that the domestic styrene quotation has approached the 6000 yuan/ton mark, but the actual transaction has not reached such a high price. At present, the main buyers are end users with low inventory. Industry insiders believe that at present, the delivery price of styrene sellers is close to the cost, so it is imperative to introduce price protection measures such as production reduction. Previously, production units in South Korea and Japan planned to stop for maintenance in May and June. It is expected that the market demand will be relatively tight, and the price rebound is also caused by the situation. However, as the current round of price rebound is very rapid, it is estimated that there should be some speculation factors. However, the total inventory in East China is still not low. It is expected that the possibility of sharp price rise in recent days is not great

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