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The domestic styrene market is in a downturn this week, and there may be a slight negative decline in the future.

the domestic styrene market is in a downturn this week

last week, the performance of the external styrene market was sluggish, and there was a lack of negotiation and transaction. Prices rose slightly after being suppressed. After the festival, the domestic market continued the market downturn atmosphere before the festival. Under the abundant supply and the flat demand with a diameter of 150 ± 50nm, as of the closing of this Friday, the transaction price of styrene in East China market fell slightly to yuan/ton. (from Zhangjiagang). The East China market was blocked from rising and returning to stability. The negotiation atmosphere was flat and it was difficult to see a large volume of transactions. At the opening of this week, supported by the rising oil price, the domestic styrene market held steady through negotiation. As of the closing of this Wednesday, the mainstream negotiated price in the Styrene Market in East China has temporarily stabilized at 12400 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang). The trading volume dropped significantly, with certain transaction resistance

It can be made into medical gloves, dressing materials, hemostatic plugs, medical films and other medical supplies

aftermarket analysis: last week, the oil price trend was good, but the Styrene Market in East China weakened slightly, and the market atmosphere was flat. Most traders have a strong wait-and-see mentality and a strong bearish sentiment in the market. Due to the flat downstream demand, the market price of styrene in East China is subject to heavy upward pressure, and the light atmosphere is difficult to change. It is expected that there is little chance for the domestic styrene market price to rise further in the short term, and the transaction volume is still difficult to see. If there is still a lack of news that there is a load stiffness surface in the experimental machine system to support, the domestic styrene market trend will be mainly consolidation in the future, which does not rule out the possibility of a small negative decline

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