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The complex of mercaptan curing agent and epoxy resin has been successfully developed in China. The complex of mercaptan curing agent and epoxy resin can be cured rapidly at low temperature and is widely used in the field of adhesives, but it still relies on imports. In order to promote the localization of mercaptan curing agent, Guangzhou Chuanjing Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. studied the preparation method and application of mercaptan curing agent, and achieved success. After mixing with epoxy resin and tertiary amine, the product can be cured within a few minutes under 5 ℃, and the synthesis process is simple and easy to control. The prepared mercaptan curing agent has moderate viscosity, good compatibility with epoxy resin, fast low-temperature curing under the change of bonding assembly and time flow, and the cured product is colorless and transparent, which exceeds the imported products. Mercaptan is the most important variety of epoxy resin curing agent, which is mainly used in the field of adhesives. There are many kinds of epoxy curing agents, including room temperature and heating curing agents, which can meet the requirements of most occasions. However, in the field of low temperature and rapid curing, only mercaptan is suitable. It has great advantages in rapid repair glue and winter operation, and can not be replaced by other Assimilators. Due to the high technical requirements for the production of mercaptan assimilating agent, it has not been produced in China and is generally imported. For example, the trademark of the United States is widely used. In order to fill the domestic gap, Guangzhou Chuankai prepared mercaptan curing agent by preparing mercaptan ester and then extending the chain, and made application research in curing performance. The results showed that after 3 months of using b-mercaptopropyl acid and pentaerythritol for esterification in the presence of acid catalyst, and then carrying out chain extension reaction with epoxy resin, a mercaptan curing agent with suitable viscosity and proportion could be prepared, and the total yield was more than 95%

the main raw materials used in the experiment are imported products, such as - mercaptopropionic acid: industrial products, brunobock company of Germany; Pentaerythritol: industrial product, epoxy resin 828 (eew:190) of Bestor company in Sweden, industrial product, shell company; 1, 8-diaza-dicyclopentadiene-7 (d many polyurethane Bu coated with mortar in China): industrial products, Appollo company of Japan; Benzyl dimethylamine and DMP-30: industrial products, Taiwan Changchun resin factory. The synthesis reaction of curing agent follows the general esterification principle, and the catalyst is organic sulfonic acid, commonly p-toluene sulfonic acid. The experimental process was as follows: 136g (1.0mol) of pentaerythritol, 466g (4.4mol) - mercaptopropionic acid, 300ml of toluene and 1.90g of p-toluene sulphonic acid were added to a 2000ml three port flask equipped with mechanical stirring, thermometer and reflux condensing tube, refluxed for 5h, cooled naturally, washed with deionized water to neutral, and distilled under reduced pressure to obtain a colorless oily liquid pentaerythritol tetramercaptopropionate; 78g of a (SH) 4 and 22G of epoxy resin 828 were placed in a flask, heated to 100 ℃ for 4h, cooled, and the viscous colorless transparent liquid hexamercapto epoxy graft compound of the ring block friction and wear tester was obtained; Take 5g of B three times and mix it with 0.25g of benzyl dimethylamine, DMP-30 and DBU respectively, and cool it to the corresponding temperature. Take the same amount of 828 resin and cool it to the same temperature. Quickly mix the two to determine the gel time

then carry out mercaptan group test (using acrylonitrile sodium sulfite HCl to test the content of mercaptan group) and gel time test (using the method of gb/t12007. to test the gel time). Finally, the results and discussion are as follows: the first is esterification reaction, the second is chain extension reaction, and the third is curing effect. The results showed that the thiol curing agent was prepared from - mercaptopropionic acid and pentaerythritol by esterification and epoxy chain extension reaction, and the total yield was more than 95%. The performance of the mercaptan curing agent can completely replace the imported products. Some properties such as curing speed, viscosity and resin compatibility are also higher than those of the imported products. It is expected to be widely used in the adhesive field

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