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There is a long way ahead for domestic styrene to completely replace imported raw materials.

styrene 150 ℃± 0.10 300 ℃± 0.12 is an organic compound formed by replacing one hydrogen atom of ethylene with benzene. Market news shows that there are still many new production capacities of styrene in the future. Under the condition that styrene raw materials and sales are not smooth, with the release of new production capacities, the future market is difficult to be optimistic

for example, the fracture starts from the rib part that is not rotated.

although the market ton price of styrene increased by 500 ~ 800 yuan in March, the market is still at a low level. China was once a big importer of styrene. Since 2005, the whole country has started the construction of styrene with great efforts. The production capacity has continued to grow and the demand has also increased simultaneously. However, in view of the insufficient operating rate of domestic enterprises and the advantages of foreign product prices, China still needs to import more than 3 million tons of styrene every year, resulting in a huge market gap

although the prices of raw materials pure benzene and ethylene are lower, the prices of styrene have been strong and even reached a five-year high. The production enterprises have made a lot of profits, with the highest profit per ton reaching several thousand yuan, which has aroused widespread concern in the market. Styrene has therefore become a hot spot for investment, which has triggered a wave of construction

up to now, there are 37 styrene production enterprises in China, with a total capacity of 7.3 million tons/year. According to incomplete statistics, in the next three to four years, China's styrene production capacity will still be in the stage of rapid growth. The total production capacity of new, expanded and proposed styrene units will be around 6.865 million to 6.905 million tons, or will exceed the 10 million tons mark in 2017

these new capacities are mainly concentrated in economically developed regions such as the east coast. The capacity in East China is 4.7 million ~ 4.72 million tons/year, accounting for about 68.41% of the total new capacity. With the continuous deepening of the development of the central and western regions, the production capacity of styrene units is also being transferred to the central and western regions, showing a situation of multi-point flowering

imported styrene still has its unique advantages, such as the payment method, the adaptability of the factory to raw materials, the nature of the factory since the approval of the large aircraft wing upper wall panel project in 2011, etc. Therefore, it is difficult for the newly added domestic styrene to occupy the market share of imported styrene in the short term, and it is still a long way to go to compete for the market

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