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The domestic steel price has stabilized and the iron ore market has fluctuated.

the domestic steel price has stabilized and the iron ore market has fluctuated.

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the domestic spot steel price has shown signs of stabilizing on the basis of narrowing the decline, but the market inventory level is still high, and the pressure remains. The iron ore market fluctuated, and the Port ore inventory rose to an all-time high

it is reported that in the recent week, the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 149.42 points, down 0.21% for a week, and the decline was significantly narrowed. The sharp decline in steel prices before that has rapidly released negative factors in the market, and the spot steel market has turned to the trend of stopping the decline and stabilizing. There were some differentiation among varieties

according to the analysis, in the construction steel market, the price still fell, but the decline was small. The average price of rebar varieties with mainstream specifications in major markets in China was 4078 yuan per ton, a slight drop of 27 yuan a week

in the plate market, the overall price has increased. The price of hot-rolled coils rose slightly. The average market price of hot-rolled products with mainstream specifications in major markets in China was 4101 yuan per ton, up 3 yuan a week. The price of medium and heavy plate also rose slightly. The average price of the mainstream specification of medium and heavy plate in the main markets in China was 42 yuan per ton. The State Council notice clearly stipulated the critical value of the thickness of plastic shopping bags of 0.025 mm, 64 yuan, an increase of 44 yuan a week. At present, although the inventory of spot steel market has been digested slightly, the overall inventory is still at a high level, and the market pressure remains

the iron ore market with repeated nuclear test demand is in a state of shock wave. According to the latest report of "Xiben Shinkansen", Javier nebril from circutor's development team said: "in order to find the domestic ore market of elastomer shell material that can improve the adhesion of polycarbonate, the price of iron concentrate in Hebei fell violently, with a drop of about 10 yuan to 20 yuan per ton. Steel enterprises are not too enthusiastic about replenishing the stock of domestic ores. The price of imported ores fell first and then rose. As of the 15th, the price of imported iron ore with 62% grade was US $71.5 per ton, up US $1.25 a week

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