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The domestic subsidy policy is not clear. The panel factory has many variables in the second half of the year.

the unclear subsidy policy in China may affect the quotation and order receiving control system software operation platform, which is also very formal.

China may day sales exceeded expectations. However, the market spread that the government's subsidy policy may be withdrawn in advance. Liuchenhong, associate manager of WitsView, a city dispatching unit, believes that this may lead to demand overdraft in advance, It will be buried in the second half of the year. Generally, this kind of material can still make the equipment maintain a good variable of insufficient texture. The panel quotation in peak season may rise or fall

in 2013, the panel Market for Chinese brands to purchase panels from Taiwan and South Korea improved. In the first quarter, group innovation turned loss into profit, and in the second quarter, Youda will strive to turn profit this quarter. However, the Chinese market, which currently accounts for about 20% of the global LCD TV market demand, was subsidized by the government, and the shore a hardness value was obtained The policy is unclear, and the local panel factories in China began to supply, which indeed buried uncertainty for the orders of Taiwan panel factories in the second half of the year

Wuyi sales exceeded expectations

witsview investigation pointed out that the Wuyi promotion (4) the pressure of the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil spill valve of the metal impact testing machine was too high; The total sales volume exceeded the market expectation by 10~15%. This promotion focused on the elimination of inventory, which has dropped to the 4.6 week safety level. 3D, 50 inch and above and 4k2k high-resolution products performed better

liuchenhong pointed out that the opportunity for China to terminate the subsidy policy has increased. Therefore, the commercial price reduction strategy and inventory clearance of brands are the main strategy at this stage. At the time of the expectation that the benefit policy may end and the promotion of manufacturers, it will drive the sales market of this may Day holiday. On the other hand, it will lead to the demand overdraft in advance, which will bury the hidden worry of insufficient power in the second half of the year. The panel quotation in the next peak season is more likely to rise and fall

as for the LCD TV market in 2014, due to the unclear internal dynamics, Chinese and international brands have no subsidies and policy support, and more unknown variables will be added. In subsequent 2014, the shipment of Chinese brands may decline for the first time

China's procurement from Taiwan is decreasing.

according to the observation of the industry, in the future, the LCD TV panel price will rise slightly except for the price below 32 inches. The price of 39~42 inches will still be tangled and flat at most in the peak season. For the price above 46 inches, the market may be oversupplied due to the successive production of BOE, Samsung and next year's LG display 8.5 generation at the end of the year. In addition, it is difficult to stop the decline due to the competition for market share

he said that at present, there are two panel factories in Taiwan, Youda and qunchuang. The customers of six major brands in China account for about 30% of LCD TV shipments. The customer concentration and proportion are too high. The uncertain factors in the Chinese market will affect the operation performance of panel factories

liuchenhong believes that the two panel factories rely too much on Chinese customers. In recent years, Chinese panel factories have produced in large quantities. The two panel factories invested by South Korea in China have also been put into operation at the end of this year and next year. The purchase volume of Chinese brands to Taiwan factories has decreased year by year. Taiwan factories should respond in advance

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