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Japanese ships tremble at the sight of domestic ten thousand ton beasts sailing in the East China Sea recently, it seems that you have taken a powerful picture of China's newly built large marine police ship sailing on the sea. It is reported that the marine police ship numbered "3901" has a full displacement of more than 10000 tons and will become the mainstay of China's maritime law enforcement force

the picture shows that China's "Haijing 2901", the world's largest tonnage maritime police ship, has recently started sea trials. The bow of this large coast guard ship is equipped with a 76mm automatic naval gun, which is the "flagship" of China's coast guard. Earlier photos showed that the second 10000 ton marine police ship was about to be completed at Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard

China's No. 2901 coast guard ship

the domestic 10000 ton coast guard ship is like a mountain

Japan's "Fukushima" large patrol ship

it is reported that the tonnage of China's "coast guard 2901" coast guard ship is about 12000 tons. It is speculated that the ship's power system is a high-power diesel engine. It can be inferred from the fact that the huge chimney in the middle of the ship has four exhaust outlets that the ship may be equipped with four main engines, and its maximum speed is said to be 22 knots. The main weapon of the 10000 ton coast guard ship is the 76mm automatic naval gun at the bow. There is a helicopter platform and hangar at the stern, which can carry the Z-8 heavy helicopter. This is a major progress for our coast guard ship

China's 10000 ton coast guard ship is mainly designed for the needs of maritime rights protection on Diaoyu Island. The main "imaginary enemy" of the ship is Japan, which previously claimed to be the largest maritime patrol ship in the world. After careful design of its molecular structure, "Fudao" and "qiujinzhou" have a full load displacement of 9300 tons and a maximum speed of 25 knots, The ship is equipped with a 35mm or 40mm naval gun (the "Fudao" is a 35mm naval gun, and the "qiujinzhou" is a 40mm gun). At the same time, the ship has a hangar and a helicopter take-off and landing deck, which can carry two legal "super leopard" helicopters

and poor anti-interference ability

these two ships are generally used as the "flagship" of Japan's maritime security agency, which can refuel small patrol ships and provide helicopter support. Moreover, strong weapons also have a strong deterrent effect in the event of maritime conflicts. The Fukushima also sank the North Korean "ship without examination". After China's "coast guard 2901" came into service, its tonnage, helicopter carrying capacity and military equipment surpassed those of Japan's "Fudao" and "qiujinzhou" ships. Moreover, because of their strong self-support, they can patrol the waters of Diaoyu Island for a longer time. It is of great help to the maritime police force in China to strengthen the strength of maritime rights protection

According to franklinassociates' compilation for the American Chemical Council and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association

at present, the No. 2 ship of the same type "coast guard 2901" is under construction on the slipway and may be launched soon

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