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For small house decoration, both husband and wife must face the problem. For this problem, Tony and garce from Sweden successfully adopted a non demolition home renovation, which can realize constant replacement and constant renewal, and do it yourself, so that the home has always maintained a vibrant and fresh environment. Living room space to meet multi-functional needs

transformation focus: furniture composite use space division powerful decoration

in the room structure of the apartment structure, the living room is also the use function of the living space, in addition to the function of receiving guests, it is also the entertainment area of the family. Here represents the owner's exposed personality preferences, and most of the display ornaments are ornaments that express the owner's personality. The tone of the space determines the overall atmosphere of the living room area. On the basis of not changing the original wall structure of the space, we can use the placement of furniture and add furniture with multiple functions to achieve the effect of secondary decoration

bright colors create a functional kitchen

key points of transformation: color multi-functional dining table theme wall

the original small kitchen has no island, and the whole space is rigid and monotonous. The new kitchen area not only provides a suitable Island, but also adds a beautiful breakfast area to the space. Only by paying attention to lifestyle can we create a perfect kitchenette with details

hallway area that cannot be ignored

key points of transformation: pattern color brightness

the hallway between two bedrooms is not only narrow but also long. Under the condition that the pattern cannot be changed, the use of repetitive patterns with a certain tension can make the space appear wide and alleviate visual fatigue. The necessary auxiliary light source will make it feel more comfortable here

bathroom space to create small scenes

key points of transformation: small area color echoes the wonderful use of wall stickers, storage and finishing

the bathroom was originally wood color, and light cyan tiles were flat and old-fashioned. Colors that are not saturated will give people a flickering and cold feeling of boredom. The independent washing table has no matching design panel and storage cabinet, which makes the space appear disorderly. If you don't want to change the tiles in a big way, you can consider using part of the wall to paint and brighten the color locally. Assisted by waterproof wall stickers, the childlike and delicate design makes people feel relaxed and happy

fabric art creates a warm bedroom

key points of transformation: color texture

the bedroom space is not large, and using textiles of different colors can instantly change the space. The use of more elegant colors, retro lime yellow, elegant rice coffee, mild cobalt blue gives people a sense of tranquility. Put on beautiful wallpaper and easily improve the quality of the space

conclusion: most of the rental houses only provide standard equipment and space structure, and these original layouts can not fully meet the needs, so the reconstruction project should start from the use function. According to living habits, the overall spatial pattern of the home should be properly divided first. The comfort of life is also an important factor to be considered. As for the aesthetic effect, it should be based on cleanliness, and finally realize the unified combination of function and beauty




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