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Floor cabinet and hanging cabinet 2 Table top 3 Stove, smoke machine, water tank 4 Drawer, basket and other hardware accessories

main components of the cabinet:

1 Floor cabinet and hanging cabinet 2 Table top 3 Stove, smoke machine, water tank 4 Drawer, basket and other hardware accessories

first of all, you should have a basic understanding of cabinets

(1) visit more large building materials supermarkets and brand stores. There are many brand cabinets here. Your professional knowledge will continue to strengthen in the many exchanges between shopping guides. Similarly, the rich exhibition samples in the exclusive store will give you the most direct feeling

(2) read relevant articles and magazines. There are many relevant information and details of cabinet brands on the Internet

(3) read the materials of brand cabinets. You can feel the latest fashion trends and capture the latest changes in style and color

(4) visit relatives and friends all over the world to get in touch with actual feelings and the reputation of other cabinets

2. Make preparations before choosing cabinets

(1) personally measure the basic size of your kitchen. Through the size map of the kitchen, you can understand the professional service quality of the designers or shopping guides of a company and the basic price allocation of cabinets. It has a certain guiding role for choosing the right professional personnel and cabinets, and prevents blind buying because they simply like the style of cabinets. When drawing the plan, it is required to be precise and meticulous. The positions of doors and windows, upper and lower water pipes and gas pipes, as well as the positions of heating and sockets should be marked

(2) make cabinet budget. The budget of the cabinet includes several parts:

1) The cost of cabinets

2). The cost of countertops and electrical appliances in the kitchen

3). Cost of hardware options

everyone hopes that their kitchen is the most beautiful, but the construction needs financial support. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to be rich, which requires everyone to balance the gap between ideal and reality. It is very important to determine the total amount of funds. Don't exaggerate the budget with designers or shopping guides when shopping. That is a waste of time and will make designers pay fearless labor

(3) prepare the data provided to the designer. In the communication with the designer, you should explain the situation of the kitchen and the needs of your family as much as possible, and everything should be true in the introduction

1). The condition of the house (location, house type, plan)

2). The condition of the kitchen (the direction and direction of the pipeline, and the condition of the natural gas pipeline)

3). The situation of family members (number, age, gender, personality, whether there are special needs, the height of the main cooking staff at home, whether they are left-handed, cooking habits.)

4). Kitchen appliances and eating habits at home. (how many meals do you cook at home every day? Do you like to have dinner? Some details are best explained to the designer.)

5). The style you are satisfied with (it is better to have pictures to help

be more visual. Please take this as a reference for designers to improve. This is the most concise method)

3. Several aspects to pay attention to in selecting cabinets

(1) basic material configuration of each cabinet. At present, the selection of cabinets in the immature brand stage mainly depends on the material configuration and process level (the so-called cabinet material configuration is mainly to ensure some technical standards required for the production and installation of cabinets). Here we mention the important parts related to installation (hanging code and adjusting foot). These two parts are relatively hidden parts in the cabinet, but the strength that the hanging code can ensure in the installation process and the ability to adjust the level and perpendicularity of the cabinet have special significance for the load-bearing of the cabinet and the adjustment of the incoming door plate, so this installation method should become the installation standard of the cabinet

(2) read the quotation of the cabinet company clearly, pay attention to the standard configuration and accessories, ask for the price list of accessories if conditions permit, pay attention to the price increase calculation part, ask the shopping guide not to be vague and indicate it in the quotation. If you don't know the pricing method, you can ask again. Don't make a hasty decision and resolutely safeguard your own interests

(3) professional level of designers and shopping guides. Cabinet is a systematic project, which requires professional personnel to serve and consult you. A qualified professional cabinet designer can create a good kitchen culture for you when he understands your needs. On the contrary, a designer who does not understand the kitchen environment and has no training. Then your trouble has just begun. Before deciding on your kitchen plan, you should communicate with the designer and shopping guide to see whether their suggestions are reasonable and professional? Does it conform to certain rules of life? Choosing cabinets is not only choosing products, but also choosing services. Perfect service can reflect the quality and style of cabinets in your home

(4) quality details of cabinets. When selecting cabinets, attention should be paid to the details of cabinets, such as the edge banding of door panels, the firmness of cabinet bodies, the connection mode of plates, and the feel of door and drawer switches. Whether the horizontal and vertical gaps of all door panels and drawers are straight

(5) understand the ordering process and after-sales commitment of cabinets. For large ordered goods such as cabinets, detailed terms and after-sales commitments are very important. Only by understanding the contract terms and after-sales commitments of the cabinet company can we better complete the cabinet ordering process. In addition, a good cabinet company should also have clear and reasonable process terms and corresponding after-sales commitments. It is recommended to ask the cabinet company to get a sample contract and understand the after-sales service card before ordering

4. Determine the style and color of the cabinet

there are many factors that determine the cabinet style, such as pattern, style, color, etc. Many factors should be considered comprehensively and in harmony with other indoor environments

the layout of the kitchen is usually determined by space, and narrow kitchens usually adopt the "one" shape. This kind of kitchen generally has a small area, and the cabinet design is relatively simple. As long as the storage area preparation area cooking area is designed according to the workflow. In order to facilitate the storage of items, we should focus on the design of the interior of the derailment, and put the miscellaneous items in the kitchen in their respective places

"two" type pattern is mostly used in the kitchen. There are two opposite spaces. Three working areas form a moving triangle. Each moving line cannot be less than 1.2 meters or greater than 2.7 meters. The total moving line is 6.5 meters to 7 meters. The "L" type pattern is the most common. It is also the most convenient pattern in use. If the kitchen is large enough, you can consider placing the refrigerator in it. Because the water and fire are too close, it will bring inconvenience to the operation. Therefore, you might as well put the refrigerator and sink on the same side, and set the stove on the other side, with some operating desks or storage areas interspersed in the middle. Of course, these are also based on the water pipes and patterns in your kitchen

u-shaped pattern requires that the kitchen has a large area and sufficient width. But because the cabinet has two corners, you must turn to the corner cabinet to make full use of the space here. At present, there are many forms of corner cabinets, 180 °, 270 °, 360 ° and pull-out type can be configured according to their own needs. To make the kitchen look more integrated, you can consider placing refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and even washing machines in the cupboard in an embedded manner

the island pattern, that is, the open pattern, is a more popular design method in recent years. Although the kitchen is not spacious enough, many families connect it with the living room, cooking, dining and receiving guests in the same space. This way of handling is very friendly. The family takes the dining area as the activity center before and after meals, so that the cook is no longer lonely, and it will also reduce the boring feeling of work

but for families who often cook, especially Chinese food, the lampblack caused by frying, frying, cooking and frying will fill the whole room. Therefore, when deciding to adopt this pattern, it is best to consider your eating habits first, and do not bring inconvenience to your life when catching up with the trend

5. Determine the kitchen style

although the style of cabinets changes every year, each style still has its unique characteristics. Understanding the style of cabinets will make you more diverse in your selection

classical style - the more the society develops, the more people's nostalgia is strengthened. This is also the reason why the classical style is enduring. Its elegance, dignity, unique kindness and composure meet the hearts of successful people to cater to it. The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space, and U-shape and island shape are more suitable pattern forms. In terms of material, solid wood is certainly regarded as the first choice, and its color, pattern and its unique simplicity are respected by mature people

rural style - introduce the flavor of the wilderness into the interior, so that home and nature can maintain a lasting dialogue, the hustle and bustle of the city can be silent in this corner, and the rural style kitchen shortens the distance between man and nature. Painted tiles with rustic flavor depict natural landscapes such as fruits, flowers and birds, presenting a quiet and comfortable rustic style. The log floor is also an excellent decorative material here, and the warm foot feeling seems to have infected the earth's atmosphere. On the cupboard, we choose solid wood more. Washed green and lemon yellow have been popular colors for many years, and the panel decoration of wood strips strengthens the natural taste. If you like rural living, the country style kitchen will make your life more full of leisure and natural flavor

modern style - modern style is the most popular. Every country and brand will timely launch modern style styles. Italian kitchenware is highly respected because of its novel design and strong sense of the times. Modern style kitchenware has abandoned gorgeous decoration, and the online bar is simple and clean, paying more attention to the collocation of colors, from bright red, yellow, purple to bright blue, green and other colors are applied. This style is also easier to match with other spaces. It is unrestrained and has low requirements for decorative materials, which may be the reason why it is widely popular

avant garde style - avant garde young people pursue innovation. They choose the most popular texture of the year in terms of materials, such as glass and metal, which were accepted in time in 2000, and convey the information of fashion in the clever collocation

pragmatism - families who don't often cook often choose more practical shapes. In the configuration, only the basic bottom cabinet is used as the storage area, and the main equipment such as oven, stove and range hood are equipped to complete the relatively complete cooking operation process. The sink is usually omitted to save space. This style emphasizes the characteristics of practicality and conciseness

6. The designer shall issue drawings and complete quotations

after confirming the style, color and style of the cabinet, the designer should issue a full set of design drawings (complete drawings include: plan, elevation and effect drawing). The drawings should clearly mark the size and cabinet number, and indicate the installation height. The function of the effect picture is to intuitively feel the shape and color of the cabinet. It plays a guiding role in the actual effect. Therefore, from the standard degree of a company's drawings, we can see the regularity of the enterprise and the control ability of the process links. Then a complete quotation list should be issued, indicating the product information and the number of customized cabinets on the list. Clarify the price of countertops, electrical appliances and accessories. It is convenient for adjustment and accounting

7. Sign a formal contract text to clarify the rights, responsibilities and obligations of both parties

8. The cabinet company shall issue a complete water and electricity decoration manual to guide the decoration company and workers





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