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The entrance wall of the living room is the place where we can see the decoration effect at the first sight. Creating a clean, tidy, convenient porch space that is also convenient for families to enter and leave is the top priority in home decoration, and it can bring good home porch Feng Shui. Take a look at these decoration renderings of the entrance porch, which needs to be taken care of ~

only by maximizing the lighting area of the decoration renderings of the entrance porch wall, can we maximize the amount of daylight lighting. The partition wall between the lobby and other functional areas is removed and changed into a fully open pattern, which can effectively introduce light sources from other spaces into the lobby, thereby improving the lighting problem of small spaces

the decoration effect drawing of the entrance porch wall with small area should use light color system, which can effectively reflect sunlight and visually enhance the sense of space, making it more bright. So we paint the wall with light yellow emulsion paint, and use bright white furniture to lift the brightness of the whole room. The liveliness brought by this bright tone also makes the small space lively

in addition to adding astigmatism source lamps, it is best to install more reflective materials such as glass and mirror at different angles; Like this small hall, many references are made to permeable materials such as glass, mirror, bead curtain, etc; This kind of method not only solves the problem of daylighting in the atrium, but also solves the monotony of the porch wall and increases the aesthetic feeling

if the decoration effect drawing of the entrance porch wall is too dark, it is easy to cause a messy feeling. When choosing lighting, the chandelier or wall lamp can not occupy the ground space, but also can bring a bright light source. Warm yellow light is an expert in creating a warm atmosphere, which can create a feeling of being at home; The cold tone porch is quiet and bright, and it can be spacious if there are few sundries





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