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Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center initiated the "double auction matching" electric power transaction

it was learned from State Grid Sichuan electric power company that on May 12, the "double auction matching" electric power transaction was officially launched in Sichuan. This transaction mode used the stock trading mode for reference to successfully achieve the goal of "voluntary resin MFR higher declaration, independent pricing, centralized matching and multilateral transaction" between power buyers and sellers, It is the first in the national power trading

it is understood that in the power transaction, the existing centralized matching transaction method only provides a single transaction opportunity in each delivery and selection of servo system. When the price wishes of the buyers and sellers differ greatly, the buyers and sellers will lack the opportunity to adjust the transaction wishes according to the market situation by 2020, resulting in difficulties in reaching a transaction. The traditional centralized matching method is not conducive to reducing the price differences between buyers and sellers and promoting the efficient conclusion of transactions

in view of the above problems, Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center has used the stock trading mode for reference, aiming at "promoting price discovery and promoting transaction completion", and initiated the "double auction matching" trading mode nationwide. The trading process is divided into two stages: call auction and continuous auction. In the call auction stage, the buyer and the seller independently declare the volume and price. If the declared prices have intersection, the buyer and the seller will automatically match and complete the transaction. The average transaction price is used as the "opening price" of the whole transaction process to provide reference for subsequent transactions; In the continuous bidding stage, all the electricity and electricity price information that has been traded and has not been traded will be publicly displayed. After fully understanding the market situation, the buyers and sellers will make real-time adjustments to their own trading strategies and independently conduct two-way delisting transactions

the "double auction matchmaking" initiated by Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center was successfully put into trial operation at the end of April this year. Centralized multilateral matchmaking replaced decentralized bilateral negotiation, and open bidding replaced face-to-face negotiation, giving buyers and sellers more options and flexibility, realizing a fair, open, standardized and efficient market, which was highly praised by market players, It is a beneficial exploration for deepening the application of power trading platform

it was learned that Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center organized the direct power purchase transaction in 2017 by using "double auction matching transaction", which has obvious advantages. First, centralized multilateral matchmaking has replaced decentralized bilateral negotiation. The buyers and sellers have a wider choice, faster transaction decision-making, and the transaction completion time has been shortened from about one month to one day, effectively reducing the transaction costs of the buyers and sellers and improving the transaction efficiency. Second, face-to-face negotiation has been replaced by public bidding, which makes buyers and sellers have a more comprehensive understanding of the market situation, effectively solves the problem of market information asymmetry, and ensures the fair and non discriminatory opening of the market. Thirdly, the advanced visualization technology of this newly developed high elastomer filled composite weakened due to brittleness was introduced, and the remote display page was opened to realize the real-time display, process monitoring and dynamic playback of market transactions, which opened the "black box" of the transaction process and ensured the transparency and openness of the transaction

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