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Speaking Sichuan dialect, the bank's intelligent customer service can also answer you like a stream.

people's financial demands for the bank are becoming more and more personalized. When they need help, they often choose the bank channel. However, some people do not speak Putonghua well, which has a strong dialect flavor, leading to some obstacles in communication. Today, this phenomenon will be greatly alleviated. On August 24, the official station of Chengdu Branch of the people's Bank of China announced the first six pilot projects of financial technology innovation in Chengdu, and solicited public opinions from the whole society. The customer service service of smart bank supporting Sichuan dialect of Bank of Chengdu was also included. Red Star learned that through intelligent speech recognition, even if you speak Sichuan dialect, customer service can understand and normally respond to your financial demands

it is understood that under the guidance of the head office of the people's Bank of China, Chengdu has seized the strategic opportunity to promote the construction of the two city economic circle in the Chengdu Chongqing region and the joint construction of the western financial center by Chengdu and Chongqing, and actively and steadily promoted the pilot of financial science and technology innovation and supervision based on the concept of safety and controllability, innovation and empowerment, and benefiting the people

on August 24, the pilot working group publicized the first six innovative applications on the basis of extensive project solicitation and consultation with relevant departments in the early stage

Red Star learned that these innovative applications actively explore the use of cutting-edge information technology to solve the pain points and difficulties of financial services. Including: integrating multiple channels, breaking down system and data barriers, exploring the realization of banking and government data fusion application and trusted sharing, and improving the targeted financing efficiency and credit service scope of financial institutions; Use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to strengthen farmers' credit risk management, optimize financial user experience, and improve the level of financial services in rural areas; Explore cross-border cooperation, strengthen business collaboration, carry out safe cross verification, promote the development of intellectual property mortgage financing, explore a new model for income security of flexible employees, and provide financial support for the six stabilities and the implementation of the six guarantees

in the interview, red star learned that the new bank's smart financial service for small and micro enterprises with excellent wear resistance based on multi-party security computing, which is publicized this time, is to identify the complex relationship chain and fraud risk behind customers by using multi-party big data information such as credit, tax and social security under the authorization of customers, effectively improve the risk control ability and credit level of financial institutions, so as to solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises Expensive financing and other issues

the Bank of Chengdu's intelligent bank customer service supporting Sichuan dialect is to establish an intelligent speech recognition model based on neural network algorithm to provide "common language" for people from different backgrounds, conduct semantic analysis on customers' spoken language (Putonghua, Sichuan dialect), and accurately identify customers' weight: 10kg real demands in combination with natural speech processing technologies such as artificial language phonetic annotation. Red Star learned that through this project, even if your Putonghua is not standard, or even you speak Sichuan dialect, bank customer service can easily identify customers' demands through banks, banks and other channels, and make correct responses

Chengdu Branch of the people's Bank of China said that in the next step, under the overall guidance of the head office of the people's Bank of China, the pilot work of financial science and technology innovation supervision in Chengdu will strengthen multi-party cooperation, actively explore financial science and technology innovation supervision tools, create a righteous, safe, inclusive and open environment for the development of financial science and technology innovation, and promote the deep integration and coordinated development of Finance and science and technology

[the first batch of 6 financial technology innovation projects published]

flexible payroll security payment service based on blockchain technology - smart financial service for small and micro enterprises based on multi-party secure computing of China Minsheng Bank Chengdu Branch - Smart bank customer service service supported by Sichuan dialect of Sichuan new bank - Bank of Chengdu intellectual property financing service platform based on blockchain technology - xunra technology People who know Yirong financial technology but have never operated a hydraulic universal experimental machine like me, three institutions such as Chengdu Branch of Agricultural Bank of China

rural financial service system for the benefit of the people ----- Sichuan Shangtong, Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank

small and micro financing risk control platform based on multi-party data learning ----- three institutions such as digital finance technology, Chengdu Branch of Huaxia Bank, and Chengdu financial holding credit investigation

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