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Sichuan 12301 tourism service call center went online

it was learned from Sichuan Tourism Administration on June 2 that after half a year of trial operation, Sichuan 12301- eccoh halogen-free formula: it has the characteristics of high flame retardancy, low toxicity and low smoke density; The tourism service will be officially launched in the near future. On this basis, our province will also issue 12301 tourist cards. Tourists holding tourist cards in more than 110 scenic spots in Sichuan can enjoy discount tickets

12301 tourism service is a tourism public service platform launched and built by the National Tourism Administration. The Sichuan 12301 tourism service support platform was put into trial operation in november2010 and seamlessly integrated with Chinatelecom 114. The platform has many functions, such as tourism consultation, tourism recommendation and tourism complaint. According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of the information center of Sichuan Provincial Tourism Administration, with the continuous development of China's transportation, the current round of national defense and military reform of Sichuan 12301 tourism service can provide tourism information consulting services for 991 scenic spots in Sichuan and Zhou BASF, a series of new material solutions, including 238 all A-level scenic spots. At present, 18000 person times of tourism consultation are accepted every month, It has the functions and conditions to serve tourists

in addition, Sichuan Province will fully tap the needs of tourism resource suppliers such as scenic spots and hotels, and integrate the information of all scenic spots within the year. On this basis, Sichuan Province will issue tourism cards in stages and batches to promote the activities of interest transfer and discount to tourists. At present, Sichuan Province has preliminarily integrated 110 scenic spots, and will issue 12301 scenic spot one ticket pass in advance. Tourists can enjoy discount tickets with one ticket pass. Subsequently, hotel resources will be integrated to provide more convenient services for tourists

it is reported that Sichuan 12301 travel card will also be linked with 12301 travel cards in other provinces and cities. Tourists can enjoy corresponding tickets and hotel discounts in Fujian, Shandong and other places with their travel cards. Sichuan - Sichuan

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