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Sichuan Leshan Chengfa Papermaking Machinery Co., Ltd.: relying on equipment innovation

through technical transformation, improve efficiency, grasp production and catch up with orders, and ensure that the time is more than half and the task is more than half. Sichuan Leshan Zhongqu Chengfa Papermaking Machinery Co., Ltd. invested more than 8million yuan this year to increase the investment in automation equipment to ensure the completion of orders

these days, in the production workshop of Chengfa paper machinery company, workers are busy debugging the newly purchased automatic welding machine. In the production process of the company, almost all complete sets of products need to undergo electric welding. The speed of welding is directly related to the production efficiency of the enterprise

Weiqian, executive deputy general manager of Chengdu Chengfa Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced that the new welding equipment with a glass transition temperature of ≤ ⑶ 5 ℃ can greatly improve the labor productivity. The production efficiency is 8 to 10 times higher than the previous manual welding. The product quality is better, the welder quality is more beautiful, and it is more popular with users

in recent years, the rigid requirements of the national industrial policy have forced many paper-making enterprises to accelerate the upgrading of paper machines. As an enterprise producing paper machinery, Chengfa Paper Machine Co., Ltd. has received a steady stream of product orders. In order to grasp the opportunity and grasp the production well, while tapping the potential and increasing efficiency of the existing production line, this enterprise has spent more than 8million yuan to purchase welding machines, CNC machine tools, cutting machines and other core equipment with a high degree of automation to continuously improve production efficiency

at present, Chengdu Chengfa Paper Machine Co., Ltd. has successfully achieved a good start in production and operation in the first quarter. The monthly output, including continuous refresh, has been arranged until next year in the first quarter of this year. At present, the enterprise is carrying out a production competition within the enterprise, making every effort to sprint for more than half of the year, so as to lay a foundation for completing the tasks of the whole year

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